Thursday, September 3, 2015

Googled and chanced upon book reviews!

In The Telegraph, Calcutta

And Bangalore Mirror.



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I've been interviewed!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Delighted to announce that Harper Collins India has published a book that I’ve translated, Hon’ble Minister Jagubhai. The original story in Gujarati is by Pravinsinh Chavda. This is the story of a simple villager who becomes a successful-if-somewhat-maverick politician. 

This quick-paced read also offers an insight into the author’s mind, with a featured interview. 

This is the link for the book:

Honble Minister Jagubhai comes to life

Such a long journey... (with apologies to Rohinton Mistry).
From the first ever Chavda story in Gujarati that I read in Navneet Samarpan, that grand literary magazine that staunchly defines and defends its standards.
To the first hesitantly translated story, circa 2003...a lifetime ago.
To THIS story I read in the Vandevta collection... a book that the author was kind to gift me when I first met him.
The scribbled first draft. First of many drafts. Many many drafts. Handwritten. Typed. Edited as typed.
Then a line by line edit with the author-- many weekend trips to Ahmedabad.
The Good-to-go version sent to my mentor in Hawaii, an accomplished writer.
Her thorough edit. T- H-O-R-O-U -G- H.
The final version subbed to Harper Collins with a gulp. Harper Collins, well you know.
In the meanwhile elections are announced in India.
A shorter, bare-bones story released as an e-book. Like a Cliff notes version.
Circa 2015. The Harper-edited version.
Cleaner, finer. Stands on its own, free of any baggage. Free of the intial appendages.The language crisper.
AND then to the printers!
The author copies. The translator copies.
Weird weird feeling, seeing one's name on a cover.
This is the second time-- a book of translated verse is out already--yet. Always feels weird.
New books smell different.
Now for the actual work...